Sarah’s Artifact 3

Sara 3

This is a picture of one of the first pair of roller skates around 1750s. The design and function of roller skates has really evolved since then, into what was used in Starlight Express.

Many shows may have lost their appeal because of the time in which they were originally produced. Things that seemed like novel ideas before might have been replaced with new technology, and so the show might have lost its popularity. Fortunately, through the use of technology shows can be revamped in order to reach a younger audience base.

In the musical Starlight Express many of the ideas were brand new when it was first produced back in the 80’s. Using roller skates to transport actors around was a new idea that had not been seen in any other show before. Now, not many young people use roller skates, and so the idea has somewhat lost its appeal. Through technology however, this show was able to be brought back to life, and revisit the stage with cool new effects.

Since roller skates are not as popular as they once were, Starlight had to find a new way to transport actors around. The use of wheelies (a roller skate inside a shoe) really aided the revamping of this show. Wheelies are something that many of the young audience members have actually worn and used, and so seeing them on stage allowed the younger audiences to connect with the show. It also aided in the show because it gave the girls in the show a different look from the other characters.

Although some shows might have been lost for a while because of their lack of cool effects, the use of technology has really allowed us to bring shows back to life. The use of new technology for actors has really helped change the way we do things on stage. Starlight Express was really able to revisit and capture younger audiences once again.


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