Rachel’s Artifact 4

Rachel 4

Above is a picture of the original poster for the first production of War Horse.

War Horse, a production that premiered on October 7th 2007 in London, is certainly one of a kind to say the least. It used mechanical horse that the actors were required to interact with. This form of technology has changed the way actors represent themselves.
In the past, actors have only been called upon to interact with other actors, and the occasional animal, but can you imagine using a live horse on a stage for a production? That certainly could get chaotic very quickly! Instead the production of War Horse used a mechanical machine that the actors had to interact with.
Having a little bit of acting training myself, I know how hard it is to interact just with another human being and make it believable, but these actors had to interact with a fake horse! They had to make the audience believe that the horse was real and create an emotional attachment within the viewers. How did they do this successfully? Only by the actor truly believing it themselves, could this be represented to an audience.


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