Rachel’s Artifact 3

Rachel 3

Here is the set all lit up from Starlight Express at the Tuacahn Theatre!

Young people, approximately ages 3-25, these days are all about being “hip” or “cool.” They seem to strive off of the latest technology and fashions. Whatever is in, that is what goes for them. With this being the norm, how can we draw these audiences into the theaters that are traditionally the opposite of this? Starlight Express is a perfect example of how theaters can bring in these younger audiences though a variety of ways, namely through set.

When you first walk into a theater, what is the first thing that you see? The very first thing that grabs your attention? The set! The set is very important because it immediately perks the watchers interest! If theater producers want to have y=the younger generations actively involved in their productions they have to grab their attention at the very beginning with a interesting, and in this case, high-tech, looking set.

The play Starlight Express is a perfect example of a show that would attract a young audience. The majority of the performance is done on roller skates, therefor, the set has to be designed in a way that is safe to the actors and yet still appealing to the audience. In this pay, a high-tech roller rink is part of the set. That is definitely an attention grabber and very appealing for the younger audience!


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