Rachel’s Artifact 2

Rachel #2

Here is a scene from Mary Poppins. You can see some of the projections that are used.

The theater is just for old people right? It is just a boring place where people get dressed all fancy and boring stories are told. There is no action; there is no excitement like there is in movies. I am playing the devil’s advocate here, because that is very far from the truth these days. Theater has re-vamped its shows to reach younger audiences. One example of how this is being done is through projections.

My group recently had the opportunity to go see Mary Poppins at the Tuacahn Theater in Southern Utah. This show had many high tech qualities about it, but one that stuck out in particular were the projections. In Mary Poppins, some of the scenes are projected. In the past, Tuacachn has been able to use projections to make the stage look like it was flooding.

I believe that projections can really draw an audience in, especially younger generations who are firm advocates of technology. It just brings an entirely new aspect in. It makes scenes more believable and more real. I feel like with projections and other technical aspects on the rise, much more young people will start to attend the theater. What is better then seeing something on a television screen? Seeing it live. Theaters all over are incorporating the use of technology to make theater real and more accessible to the young people of the world.


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