Lisha’s Artifact 6

Lisha artifact 6

These aspen trees were the backdrop for UVU’s production of The Crucible and where the backlighting took place. The Crucible took on a whole different look. The technology used made it seem new and fresh and revealed a new platform on which to perform

THE CRUCIBLE (Arthur Miller): The crucible is based on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. A bunch of girls claim they are corrupted by the devil to get out of trouble.  They accused adults in the town with whom they disagreed of being witches. A great body of government actual heard these girls cries and considered their spectral evidence as truth and hung 19 good and moral people who were not witches, only accused.

Theatre and technology will always be tied together. Theatre needs technology whether it is microphones, light cues, or sound. Different plays require different technical properties, that is certain. There is a tie, though, that binds them together and that is technology as a whole. We’ve come a long way since Greek Theatre and we are still progressing into an exciting time.

The Crucible is an excellent example of how a play can be produced using a minimalistic approach or very stylized and unique one. The play was written in 1953 and focuses somewhat on a fictionalized version of the Salem Witch Trials. It’s very common to see this show in a very traditional way and to not really see that anything is out of the ordinary.  It can still be enjoyed.

At a production of it at UVU almost a year ago, they did something different. They performed it in a black box space so it was in the round. (That space is significantly larger than our black box.)  The stage was risen and placed on a diagonal which made it very interesting to watch. There was also a space behind all of the chairs that was sectioned off by scrim and lights. This made for a really interesting backlighting picture. The actors would run behind it during various parts of the show. It brought The Crucible to a whole new level.

With technology new things are made, and old things are made new. Our world (especially the theatre world) is gaining so much from these advances. It’s important to always be teaching and learning and doing anything we can to make theatre an art. Through the technological advances being made we can reach audiences on a whole new level. More than that, audiences can be touched and feel something they did not know that they could.


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