Lisha’s Artifact 5

Lisha 5

This fork symbolizes where the play is taking place, a diner in Kansas.

BUS STOP (William Inge): A freak snowstorm has halted the progress of the bus, and the eight characters have a weather-enforced layover in the diner from approximately 1 to 5 a.m. Romantic or quasi-romantic relationships ensue.

Technology, as discussed in previous essays has helped immensely in the world of theatre. There is no exception in the case of social media. Everyone and their grandma is on Facebook or has a blog or has dipped their toes in unknown world of Twitter. With the various types social media, audiences are drawn into many new ways of theatre life.

For instance, colleges or university are extremely aware of this new form of communication. Here at our very own USU our BFA acting students were working on Bus Stop scenes and it made a big impression on them. “I really like the character relationships and the character archetypes that help create a dynamic story,” said Scott Zaborski, a sophomore in the BFA Acting program. These students had a definite effect on next season for the department. Our own TSA president, Sydnee Fullmer, made an announcement of a tentative season and asked our opinion on Facebook! What a great opportunity the students had.

In conclusion USU Theatre will be performing Bus Stop by William Inge. There were a lot of ideas that went into that decision but it’s interesting to know that through the use of social media USU will be able to let people know about their season and that the students had a say. Patrons can also be directed to the theatre home page to learn more about current and upcoming productions. It’s pretty amazing. And we’re apart of it.


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