Lisha’s Artifact 3

Lisha 3

Rusty’s costume illustrates the importance of costumes in a production. They should never be the star of the show, but should enhance the production as a whole.

Starlight Express, an Andrew Lloyd Webber favorite, made its regional debut this summer at Tucahn in St. George Utah. The costumes in this piece not only made it relevant for today, but brought the show to life. According to the Salt Lake Tribune “Costumes designed by Marlo Rawlings and Clark Schaffer added to the extravagance of the production. From Electra’s blue lighted costume to the flashlights that served as Greaseball’s Hands, the costumes helped tell the story. The temperature Saturday hovered around 100 degrees, making the actors wearing the heavy-looking outfits all the more impressive.” [1]

Costumes enhance a show’s statement as well as making it more believable. The costumes should be cohesive to the design and feeling of a show as a whole. Starlight opened in the March of 1984. Nearly 30 years later and this show is still going on. Audiences young and old are enjoying this bit of theatre, but why? Designers have an amazing task of revamping old shows to make them current. One way to do that is with costumes.

The costumes used at Tuacahn were extremely intricate. There were lights built into the actual pieces people were wearing along with mini fog machines. It is elements like that, that seem to make things new and fresh. Innovative ideas always have a place in theatre. With ideas like this, shows never seem washed up or old. They open a younger generations mind to new things and feelings. Show’s like Starlight Express will probably be playing for quite a long time because of great new ideas for design.



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