Kenny’s Artifact 5

Kenny 5

Location is a valuable asset for theatrical venues. Unlike films, theatrical productions are often confined to a single venue at a time. For that reason and others, the field of potential audience members is much smaller than that of Hollywood films. In today’s modern entertainment market, theatrical companies are taking advantage of any marketing tools they can, including social media. From Youtube to Facebook, more and more entertainment related advertising is reaching its target audience. A perfect example of this social outreach was seen last summer by millions of Facebook users. It was called “Summer of Cirque”.

Cirque du Soleil is one of the more lucrative theatrical companies in the modern world of entertainment. Their company has grown from a traveling circus tent to a world wide theatrical phenomenon. Tickets to a Cirque show commonly start around $100 a seat and can easily reach upwards of $300. Many people cannot afford a show that expensive, or simply aren’t convinced that the product will be worth the price. “Summer of Cirque” addressed both these concerns in an effective way that took advantage of the world wide obsession with Facebook.

First, the program promoted a dramatically reduced price for members of Facebook that were following the Cirque company’s page. It’s important to note that discounts to Cirque du Soleil productions are extremely rare, and difficult to come by. With the “Summer of Cirque” promotion offered to Facebook fans, tickets were obtainable for as low was $50. All of the resident Vegas shows were included in the promotion and many people were able to experience an incredible show.

The second goal achieved by the program was convincing otherwise apprehensive buyers that a Cirque show was indeed worth the price. A series of one minute videos were produced as extremely effective previews of the amazing things that can be seen in each individual show. A quick glimpse into the imaginative world of Cirque, and the enticing discounts tied to the promotion proved to be a very effective campaign for the company.

That is only one example of how social media can benefit theatrical companies. There are a myriad of possibilities in the way people stay connected, not only to each other, but to businesses as well. Social media is about a connection, and unlike films, a theatrical experience is just that, a moment for performers and audience members to connect. Theatre can reach larger audiences through the use of social media; not only through advertising, but by making people feel that they are a part of something incredible.

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