Waiting For Lefty 02


Waiting for Lefty is a very successful show and has been for many years and multiply performances. The story it conveys is one that is relatable to most Americans. But stories are told through more than just words. Waiting for Lefty’s set has taken on many forms. It has had a very realistic set and has had an abstract one as well, both of which convey the story beautifully.

Waiting for Lefty takes place in a sort of meeting room. With a very literal set there are often times chairs and tables all around the room and as implied by the script, the audience is a part of the show and the set has allowed that feeling to happen and sometimes it is simply blocking. Either way a literal set gives the audience the feeling of being involved in the show.

To contrast that some abstract sets have had writing on the wall or given actors liberty to write on the walls. An interesting use of set pieces with this show being about a strike on labor unions, they are looking for the writing on the wall. These kinds of sets help more with the mood or inner turmoil of the characters on the stage.

Both types of sets have one thing in common that really help convey the feeling or the environment of the play and that is color. They use a lot of darker, neutral colors that given the feeling and appearance of low class and the slums of life. This aspect is consistent I the story telling of this wonderful play.

So, as mentioned before the set can tell the story, and it tells the story in a more subtle context. Waiting for Lefty has been performed on many different kind of sets, literal, abstract and black box. But one thing holds true this they all have told the same story from a different perspective and is done beautifully.

Ashley Underwood


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