Oklahoma: A Love Story

Alex Saxton Jaramillo

A Classic Love Story- Oklahoma!

            I am a huge fan of musicals and especially of the modern day musicals that have come about over the last couple years. But I am a huge believer that we wouldn’t be were we are today in musical history if it weren’t for that classic musical we all claim to hate or be annoyed with but I know deep down we all secretly love! I love all musicals.

Oklahoma! Is a wonderful example of a traditional musical written by Rodgers and Hammerstein! I personally love this musical! Maybe it is because of it wit and charm or maybe its because I have played Ado Annie Carnes and it was such a joyful experience! I really do feel bad when people my age and people in theater bash on classical musicals. They have to realize that we have the musicals we do today because of classics like Oklahoma! People do say that there isn’t anything deep and meaningful in these musicals but I think differently!

Oklahoma! Has songs that can really move an audience, but yet people these days say they aren’t “real” or “relatable”. “People Will Say Were in Love” is a great example.  There is wit and emotion in the lyrics of this song. The song features Curly and Laurie who is madly in love with another but won’t admit it to the other. People these days face that same trial in our day-to-day lives. How is that not relatable? It is an adorable love song that can be played cheesy. But if you listen to the lyrics of the song it is real deep emotion.

This musical also has two very different love triangles happening within the show. The playful and comedic reliefs are Will Parker, Ado Annie, and Ali Hakim. And the more dramatic Curly, Laurie, and Jud Fry. In more contemporary shows we witness a lot of tragic, deep, things that us as human beings experience all the time. The more dramatic trio experiences that as well that we can relate to in 2013. Jud Fry is the help on Laurie’s farm. He is a creepy man that has a crush on Laurie and makes inappropriate passes at her the whole show. But Laurie is a stubborn character and she didn’t want to be forward and tell Curly that he was the one she loved, so she put herself in uncomfortable situations with Jud. In the end Curly ends up saving Laurie from getting sexually assaulted by Jud and Curly end up stabbing Jud in personal defense! That is not a positive subject if you ask me… it isn’t all jazz hands.

Oklahoma! Is one of my all time favorite classics! I love Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Sure they aren’t the hardest musicals to do but they are ones that audience members are familiar with and love. In my experience the musicals that audiences members are familiar with are the ones they make an effort to go to! I will always have a lot of respect for the classic musicals such as Oklahoma! because they are the reason I am an actor today!


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