Anything Goes

Alex Saxton

Anything Goes

                        The Broadway musical Anything Goes is a triumph. With the exciting music and clever tap dances this musical takes Broadway to the next level. Cole Porter who wrote all the music and lyrics and Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse created the book. This show has been an American classic and has been popular to many theaters around the world as far as professional and amateur.

The story takes place on a ship headed to London from New York City.

Billy Crocker is a young man who has fallen “love at first sight” for an heiress Hope Harcort that he sees in a taxi. As he is dropping off his pal Reno Sweeny at the ship departure he sees Hope again and realizes he must win her heart. He hopes on the ship as a stow away and quickly learns that Hope is engaged to some boring English fellow. He is determined to win Hopes heart. Billy comes a crossed many types of characters which make the show.

Cole Porter has no issues to write captivating and energetic music. And Anything Goes is no exception. This musical has anything from jazzy moods to Broadway showstoppers. And also have plenty of beautiful love songs. Some of the more popular hits from this show include  “You’re the Top”, and title of the show “Anything Goes” to close the amazing Act 1.

Anything goes had over 420 performances after it made it Broadway debut in the 1930s and the Alvin Theater, which made it the 4th longest running Broadway show in history. This show did take boom during the Great Depression but that didn’t stop it from being over the top successful. With many revivals and national tours and even 2 movies created for Anything Goes.

Anything Goes is an American classic that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Because of the many Tony Wins and Nominations it proves just that. This smashing hit will not only be popular in the early 1900 but for decades to come.


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