Angels in America

Alex Saxton Jaramillo

Angles in America

            Angles in America is a story about two different couples one of which is gay and the other is one straight. The two couples stories quickly become connected with one another. The play Angles in America is written by Tony Kushner

The characters consist of Louis who is a word processor and very liberal in his political views. Prior Walter is Louis’s partner. Joe Pitt is a Mormon republican lawyer who is married to a woman named Harper Pitt. Although these are not the only characters in the play they are the main characters that the story centers around.

After Louis’s Grandma dies Prior tells Louis that he has contracted AIDS. Louis immediately panics. He tried to be sensitive and help Prior but can’t stand to be near him and in the relationship because of the fear of contracting AIDS himself. Joe receives a job opportunity in Washington but his wife does not want to move due to her addiction to Valium and her anxiety. Soon the couples find themselves meeting and relating one way or another.  Joe and Louis become friends and later Joe ends up exploring his hidden sexuality.

As the story continues a lot is reveled and many things accrue to some of our characters including being visited by an Angel. It is an eye opener to a lot of characters and wanting the will to be better. The will to serve others and bring blessings to others lives.

As Prior finds happiness in bettering himself and helping the lives of others he finds an improved life for himself. Through his life experiences he discovers what is truly meaningful in life. And in his quest to fulfill the prophesies of the angel he influences others to change and better themselves as well.


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