John Osborne (Preston Francis)

John Osborne changed the theater world with his revolutionary play, “Look Back in Anger”.


The play “Look Back in Anger” was one of playwright John Osborne’s greatest achievements. Osborn was born on December 12 1929 in London England. He attended college at Bellmont College. However he didn’t last very long there. Osborne left school after striking the head master. Osborne started his writing career in 1950 with his first play “The Devil Inside Him”. He did not see great success until 1956 when he wrote his iconic play “Look Back in Anger”.

“Look Back in Anger” was revolutionary when it was produced. The theater world had never seen the content matter of “Look Back in Anger”. The play is based of of Osborne’s unhappy marriage to actress Pamela Lane. When it was first produced, the play didn’t receive the greatest of reviews. Since that time however, “Look Back in Anger” has become one of the most influential plays of its time.

John Osborne died in 1994 due to complications with diabetes. He died at the age of 65. Before his death John Osborne left an impressive legacy. “Look Back in Anger” shocked audiences and changed the way that people see the world. John Osborne and his iconic play have changed the theater world forever.


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