Aids in America (Preston Francis)

The red banner is worn to support the research and treatment of Aids in America.

The play Angels in America by Tony Kushner is one of the most politically heated plays of our time. The main themes of the play are very heavy and even a little bit controversial. One of the main aspects of the play is the role that AIDS plays in the lives of the main characters. The development of AIDS not only played a major role in the plot of Angels in America, but also in the history of the United States.

The disease AIDS in America first appeared in the year 1981. By the end of that year there had been a total of 270 cases of the disease among gay men and 121 of them had died. From it’s earliest appearance, AIDS has had a very negative stigma and discrimination attached to it. The main reason for said stigma was because of the link that AIDS had with gay men and drug users. AIDS was looked upon with little tolerance.

By the year 1989, 100,000 people had been diagnosed with AIDS. Angels in America is set right in the heart of the AIDS epidemic. The outbreak of this destructive disease changed the way America viewed the homesexual community and the use of drugs. Angels in America helps us to understand this change a little bit better.



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