Styles and Influences of the 20th Century


     Our group has decided to research major movements and styles that occurred during the 20th century that influenced what theatre has become today. We are going to attempt to identify every critical event that occurred from 1900 to 1999 that altered people’s way of writing; any event that ended up producing new and unique ways of thinking about theatre. We know that many great playwrights were established during this time, and that they ultimately brought new ideas to the table. Realism, expressionism, television, musical theatre, and many other forms of entertainment emerged to transform theatre in the modern world. Join us on our adventure of highlighting these movements as we explore Styles and Influences of the 20th Century.

  Our group will collectively explore the following plays and their profound influences: The Crucible (Arthur Miller), Private Lives (Noel Coward), Look Back in Anger (John Osborne), and Angels in America (Tony Kushner). Each member will then take a prescribed time period and evaluate at least three other major events, plays, playwrights, or movements in that era that eventually shaped modern theatre.  

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