Purple Heart

In every play, there is usually an intended message that the author expects to pass across to the audience. They may either be positive with the expectation that the audience stops some undesirable aspects or negative to shun a particular trend I the society. It is because of these that various plays are based on particular themes and fall under certain genres. Such occurrences will be discussed n this paper where two action based movies will be analyzed to evaluate their relations, views and stands in relation to war.

The war

In the “Purple Heart” play, Bruce Norris presets war as a light occurrence by expressing the tragic incidence in the form of a comedy. In this way, war can be associated with various different areas to bring about its grievous effects. As a result, it brings about mixed feelings of both love and hate for the tragic events. In essence, it is only brought out through the presence of a soldier (3).

In a light touch, he insinuates that war is majorly caused by acts of love that have been bruised (4). It is in this sense, that there occurrence is much more frequent than the medals awarded as a result of heroism in experiences of real war. In such events, as is depicted in the Vietnamese war, the battle is usually intense and full of inner turmoil which is in most cases unbearable. In essence, the author portrays war in a negative sense by showing it as the cause of death for the brutish husband of Carla (1).

Norris, Bruce. Purple Heart (Motion picture). Perf. White, Trevor & Lowdell, Amelia. 2002.


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