Miss Saigon

Miss sigon

Miss Saigon is a theatrical play based on romance, greed, sacrifice and responsibility. The inspiration towards the play was as a result of a photo found in a magazine. The photo showed a mother from Vietnam abandoning her child at the entrance of an airbase and boarding an aero plane heading to the United States (Behr and Mark 91). She was meeting her father who was an ex-GI and could be able to give the child a better life. This can be viewed as a big sacrifice of the mother towards the child. The play shows the desperate situation of the Vietnamese which was brought about in the play by the highlights of an American helicopter evacuating the last Americans from Saigon.

The play starts off in a club, in Vietnam, and it was during a period before the Americans were removed from Saigon. The main theme that was brought out in the play was love. A seventeen year old orphan by the name Kim was working in the club, and there she met the engineer. At the same time, other ladies are preparing themselves for the nights show. The Americans knew that they were leaving Vietnam soon, and they were enjoying themselves with the prostitutes (Behr and Mark 95). Through the persuasion of John Thomas, Chris Scott who was a sergeant met Kim. He could be able to tell that Kim was a naive girl, but he dragged her in a room. Chris lamented on why God allowed him to meet Kim as they were almost leaving Vietnam. He persuaded her not to sell her body in the club because he wanted to marry her. Despite the risk that Saigon would be taken over by Vietnamese Chris was left behind and he traded a visa for Kim to move to America. Eventually, Chris married Kim in a wedding ceremony (Behr and Mark 101).

Behr, Edward, and Mark Steyn. The Story of Miss Saigon. London: J. Cape, 1991. Print.


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