How They Look On Stages


A stage makeup is the mode of painting the stage to bring out the message in the play. It entirely involves the paintings, drawings and the costumes of the actors. The stage makeup plays a very major role in bringing out the appearance the actors want to portray. It also helps the public in understanding the message behind the play. The paintings and the drawings at the stage should be designed such that they explain the message of the play in a simpler way that will enable each and every person to understand.

War plays are plays that are constructed to preach peace and reconciliation especially in regions that have recently faced warfare. The stage makeup plays a very significant role in teaching the public the negative effects of war. Bryan Doerries a famous producer of theater performances focuses the production of these types of plays in several stages. His efforts were to dramatize the events of warfare and also to provoke people to stop talking about the war (Miller 12).

The first one of the stages he used was to have a number of professional actors move to the bare stage and sit. They should not be wearing any costumes or any make-up. There should be no use of special lights on the stage; they should recite Sophocles and leave the stage. The next people on stage were citizens including the veterans. They are supposed to give comments and their own experiences about the war. The last stage that the producer uses was an invitation of the public to give their reactions to the play.


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