Bringing It All Back Home


The Bob Dylan’s play bringing it all back home talks to the young generation about the excitement they had developed of escaping homes. He expresses concern from the young generation and also his feelings towards them. The social issues aroused anger in the young generation which caused them to clash leading to their running away that seemed the only alternative. His articles addressed both the mentality of young people as well as protesting against the government and some corporations. He also directed his message to the older people not to sympathize with but make them understand how the young people were feeling (Miller 15).

Bob Dylan play addressed some issues that were very controversial in the American society. These were periods of 1960’s when the Vietnam War was taking place a lot of civil rights were ignored. The writer declared that he did not protest in his article, but he clearly highlighted important aspects in the history of America. Bob Dylan continued to protest against the political corruption. During that era, it was very rare for a common man to gain wealth and reach the wealthy people. He also expressed how America depended upon conformity. The writer was primarily highlighting the main causes that caused the war in the society. He exposed them to the public to teach them the main causes, which led to the development of clashes between various groups of people in the society. Bob Dylan also explained the effects, which resulted from these wars besides offering advices to both the young and old people means which would have solved the warfare (Shaw and Peter 11).


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