All My Sons


The play all my sons are articles written by Arthur Miller, which describes betrayal to the American by Joe Keller. These events took place during the World War 2, where Joe Keller allowed his company to trade unworthy aero plane cylinders to be used by the United States armed forces. This caused the death of the American pilots who were more than twenty. Steve who was a business partner to Joe had noticed the unworthy parts, but Joe went ahead and allowed the shipment of the faulty parts. It was for this reason that the pilots died, and the two were arrested. However, Joe managed to release himself and the blame shifted to Steve. One of the main characters in the play is Kate Keller. She took part and the title mother in the play. She was described as the wife to Joe Keller and a mother to Chris and Larry. She lost her son Larry in the war and despite the fact that she had a successful man and another son she could not forget her son Larry. She demonstrated more great issues than grief for the loss of her son, which was shown by her self-denial and delusions (Miller 7).

She took her husband’s secret as a burden and still tried to show a clear conscience of an untroubled woman to the world. She tried to hide suspicion and nervousness, and this led to her suffering from nightmares and severe headaches (Miller 10). She had a character of self-preservation which developed her fantasies towards Larry. She still had hope of the return of Larry and feels threatened when someone close to Larry failed to share her confidence.

Miller, Arthur. All My Sons. London: Heinemann Educational Books, 1979. Print.


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