Katie Pontsler

Theater History


Threesixty – Peter Pan

Peter Pan/threesixty theater/Photo:  Simon Annand




Peter Pan is a classic childhood story known to millions of people around the world, however the Threesixty Theater production takes it to a new level of performance.  This theater has traveled across the country, amazing people with unbelievable performances.  This new style is changing the drama, atmosphere, space, acoustics and even the spectacle of theater.  Truly, this style of theater will become a new standard as the world of video production collides with classical theater acting.

The story of Peter Pan begins in the nursery of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling. These three children are visited by Peter Pan who is on the hunt for his shadow.  With the help of his fairy friend Tinkerbell, they fly to Neverland: a magical place where you never grow up.  They go on many adventures together and with Peter Pans group, the Lost Boys, in attempt to avoid the evil captain hook.  In the end, the Darling children had to decide whether to stay in Neverland or return home to their family.  This story is so popular, statues of Peter Pan have been made around the world, movies had been produced, and millions of children have been read this story.


The surround video is what truly sets this production apart for other theater in the round.  Using the tent as a screen, outstanding background and settings are created to make magical and technically exciting images.  It is almost like combining a movie with like stage to make a truly unique production.

The Three Sixty theater is an outdoor theater created inside of a tent.  This tent has 1480 seats and is over 100 feet high.  There are 20 specialized projectors all linked together to make an experience all around the audience.  All areas of this tent are part of the production, creating a 360 degree view and an intimate experience for the audience, also known as 4D Cinema. “CINEMA 4D is well-planned and offers an intuitive interface and logical modular workflow that is tailored to the needs of artists rather than geeks, and is well integrated with Photoshop and After Effects,” –Billy Dudley.  This entire idea was designed by a man named Bill Dudley, who saw his 6 year old child playing video games.  He decided that he wanted to create an experience like that for 1200.  This tent is different from most tents because the poles are only on the edges, as to not interrupt the view, but also has enough strength to install fly wires and other theater technologies, creating a truly spectacular sight to behold.

Peter Pan was the world’s first fully 360 degree theater performance, in 2009.  More than 700,000 people have viewed this show.  Since Peter Pan, they have also performed The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe with similar success.  Both shows have outstanding reviews and have helped changed theater with productions to be added in the future.

This new style of theater, 4D cinema, is a revolutionary type of theater.  The threesixty theater is unlike anything seen before.  Its surround sound and projectors create the feeling that the audience actually being part of the performance.  Truly this style of theater will continue to create major advances in technology used in productions.

dd-peterpan4_0500851658 copy








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