Ziegfield Follies

Alex Saxton

The Ziegfeld Follies

In the early 1900 it was always easy to find a good time in New York City especially when you went to the hottest show on Broadway The Ziegfeld Follies. This was a show that you didn’t want to miss from the amazingmusical revue, costumes, and the producer Mr. Florenz Ziegfeld himself.

The Ziegfeld Follies was America’s first musical revue opening on July 8, 1907. It was an immediate hit and made its way to the Liberty Theatre on 42nd Street. The show was filled with many songs and dances preformed by beautiful women.  You could say that these girls were the older time Rockets. Many girls dreamed of being a Ziegfeld Folly.

What makes a great show is not only talented actors and actresses but also one thing that stands on its on is spectacle. People would gather to see the Follies preform not only for their talent but to see what they were wearing. Costumes for the Ziegfeld Follies were always elaborate and always left your eyes fascinated. From theme to theme the girls were dressed in pretty wild things. They dressed as salad ingredients, windmills, women from different countries; Coca-Cola products and their lavish costumes and settings that made their budget soar to $100.000 in costs. Remember in 1919 top ticket price was $3.00 so that was a heavy penny. The Follies would wow audiences the moment they entered the stage not only by their talent but how they looked.

Mr. Ziegfeld himself was the greatest, or at least the most flamboyant man in all of the early producers. His show was as elaborate as he was. He was a man of superlatives for whom the show was everything. The Ziegfeld follies became a legend and he made his mark in Broadway history. Not only did he create brilliance with the Follies but also he produced lots of fabulous shows on Broadway such as Show Boat and The Three Musketeersand among others. Ziegfeld provided all his shows with a special touch that left his name in light till this day in age.

What a triumphant show the Ziegfeld Follies embarked on for nearly two decades.  When you think of the glitz and glam of Broadway, the amazing song and dance that leaves you speechless, and the amazing feeling you have after leaving the theatre at night it really all started with the magic of the Ziegfeld Follies.


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